The Rosenhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast

Dining Around Town

Rosen House Inn Bed and Breakfast

below are just a few of our recommendations of our local area restaurants. In Ft. Worth TX most of these

are in the Near Southside area of Ft. Worth TX,


Mamma Mia's on Magnolia
 Nona Tatas

Sushi / Japanese

Temaki on Magnolia
 Shintjuku Station on Magnolia
 Sushi Axiom off of west 7th street

Formal Dining

Cat City Grill
 Lilli's Bistro


 King Tut

this is just a sampling of course there are many more to choose from, for recommendations and or reservations

at some of our local restaurants please ask your hostess.

For reservations & information please call 888-791-4850

or E-Mail Kelly Bowden